Research in progress

Books in progress

I am working on a second, single-authored book tentatively entitled Diaspora Management Logics. The book is building on various diaspora-related projects I have been involved with. 

Maya Tudor and I are co-authoring a book tentatively entitled Varieties of Nationalism (under contract with Cambridge University Press), which is building on our recently published article in the Annual Review of Political Science entitled “Nationalism: What We Know and What We Still Need to Know” (w/ Maya Tudor) where we take stock of political science debates on nationalism to critically assess what we already know and what we still need to learn.

Under Review

International System Structure and “Kin-State Politics”

“When do Secessionist Movements Succeed? Peripheries, State Capacity & Great Power Politics”

“Nesting Exclusionary Politics Approaches,” with Meghan Garrity

Selected work in progress
“Nationalist Education and Emigrant Assimilation,” with Vicky Fouka

“The Origins of Frozen Conflicts System Polarity, Proxy Warfare, and Great Power Support,” with Niklas Karlen and Belgin San-Akca

“The Comparative Politics of Caste, Kinship and Tribe: Intersecting Cleavage Dimensions in Modern Nation-States,” with Anum Pasha

“Ethno-genesis and External Intervention,” with Nicholas Sambanis

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