Searching for Andreas: Political Leadership in Times of Crisis A film by Harris Mylonas The documentary Searching for Andreas is an independent production about the pitfalls of charismatic leadership and the limits of democratic politics under economic globalization. Charismatic leaders build personalistic parties and undermine political institutions, while their succession is fraught with difficulties. Searching for... Continue Reading →


How do states decide their policies toward “non-core” groups—any aggregation of individuals that a state’s ruling elite perceives as an unassimilated ethnic group? What accounts for the variation in diaspora policy across different groups of co-ethnics living abroad by the same government? Both my published book and the one that I am currently writing serve... Continue Reading →

Political Development

Beyond my interest in the international dimension of internal processes, I have also systematically studied the effects of institutions in domestic politics. In a co-authored article that Nasos Roussias (University of Sheffield) and I published in Comparative Political Studies we explored the links between regime type, electoral conduct, and political competition in Sub-Saharan Africa. In... Continue Reading →

Diaspora Policy

I am currently at work on a second, single-authored book about the logics of diaspora management.  My work on this topic began when I collaborated with Elpida Vogli (University of Thrace) on a chapter analyzing Greek incorporation strategies toward co-ethnic repatriate groups. That project was motivated by the observation that the Greek state followed different... Continue Reading →

Greek Politics

The recent financial crisis in Europe, with Greece at its epicenter, occupied some of my attention in the past ten years. I wrote a series of op-eds (Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Foreign Affairs,, Kathimerini, among others) as well as more analytical pieces, including a book chapter entitled “Is Greece a Failing Developed State?”... Continue Reading →

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