I am a political scientist interested in the processes of state- and nation-building,  political development, and diaspora policy. My work contributes to our understanding of states’ management of diversity that may originate from national minorities, immigrants, diasporas, or refugees. I am particularly interested in the role of decision makers’ perceptions about foreign involvement in their domestic affairs and... Continue Reading →

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Research Methodology

I have been preoccupied with methodological problems in the study of nation-building for many years. My first contribution, “Methodological Problems in the Study of Nation-Building: Behaviorism and Historicist Solutions in Political Science,” appeared in a special issue on Nationalism which was published in Social Science Quarterly. In the article, I discussed the methodological problems that... Continue Reading →


How do states decide their policies toward “non-core” groups—any aggregation of individuals that a state’s ruling elite perceives as an unassimilated ethnic group? What accounts for the variation in diaspora policy across different groups of co-ethnics living abroad by the same government? Both my published book and the one that I am currently writing serve... Continue Reading →

Political Development

Beyond my interest in the international dimension of internal processes, I have also systematically studied the effects of institutions in domestic politics. In a co-authored article that Nasos Roussias (University of Sheffield) and I published in Comparative Political Studies we explored the links between regime type, electoral conduct, and political competition in Sub-Saharan Africa. In... Continue Reading →

Diaspora Policy

I am currently at work on a second, single-authored book on diaspora management logics. The book is building on various diaspora-related projects I have been involved with. I recently co-edited a special issue on “The Microfoundations of Diaspora Politics: Unpacking the State and Disaggregating the Diaspora” for the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (2019)... Continue Reading →

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